Dance in nursing houses

Since April 2023, Quand on Danse has been organizing weekly dance activities in nursing homes.

The project aims to promote the physical and mental well-being of residents, as well as social cohesion: family and staff are also invited to join!

Moderator and professional dancer Maxime adapts his classes to his audience: whether dancers are seated or standing, he encourages everyone to move to the best of their abilities. It’s not about performing, but it’s all about sharing and having fun through movement!

Some love to dance and take an active part in the class, while others prefer to simply watchand enjoy the great atmosphere. Check out the image gallery below!

This project is a precursor in Wallonia but has already been tested beyond our borders.

The Quand on Danse team is delighted with this partnership with two "pilot" residences of the CHC Health Group and warmly thanks Résidence CHC d'Hermalle and CHC Banneux Nusbaum for their trust and enthusiasm!

We hope to expand this type of activity to other institutions!


Workshop Mosa/Créahm/ Florent Devlesaver