The benefits of dance

In order to carry out our mission the Quand on Danse team is constantly learning and training. We recently participated in a webinar hosted by the Royal Academy of Dance in London. This event was organised in connection with World Cancer Day (4 February) and saw three speakers interact on the themes of research and promotion of dance, well-being and cancer. Dancers, teachers, trainers, along with other people interested in the benefits of creativity, movement, and dance during cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, took part in the discussion.

It was an opportunity to hear passionate and inspiring speakers, including Dr. Peter Lovatt, a dance psychologist, former professional dancer, the author of The Dance Cure (2021) and co-creator of Move-Assure: A Dance Program for Mental Wellness. A transmission enthusiast, he recently participated in a BBC report on the known benefits of Dance, which we are keen to spread to as many as possible through Quand on Danse!

Would you like to see this beautifully produced report? 

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